We at Fiskano B / V are members of the fishing industry’s national association which among other things protects the sustainable use of our fish resources.

It is by following the recommendations set based on authorities issued targets we take part of our social responsibility.

For our part responsibility is to ensure a sustainable future for our children and to  protect public health.

It is very much a social commitment to provide our customers with one of the world’s healthiest foods by providing and recommend organic and MSC certified products (Marine Stewardship Council). Throughout our own production facilities environmental certifications, HACCP, BRC, et.c, it appears very clearly how we manage the environmental aspect. We use special fishnets that are designed to prevent dolphins in the catch by mistake. We work hard to make the best use of our resources and coordinate our efforts as far as possible to avoid waste of resources.


ascWe at Fiskano can offer ASC labeled fish and shellfish grown in a responsible and sustainable way. ASC Chain of Custody – Custody certification is a relatively new global environmental certification for farmed seafood. The label guarantees that the production is handled responsible and that it is possible to trace the fish back to where it was grown. The requirements for cultivation under ASC will vary slightly depending on the nature, location and method of cultivation. For cultivation to be ASC-certified, among other things, that the liner is fished sustainably and that water released from the culture is purified. It is also important to preserve habitats and biodiversity, and a good animal health prevention to reduce the use of for example antibiotics.


BRCFiskano are certified to the BRC standard which ensure food security, both in terms of transportation and storage. The standards also guarantee the quality, safety and operational criteria to ensure that the producers fulfil their legal obligations to provide protection for the final consumer.


ladda nedCorporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is basically a concept for a corporate social and civic responsibility, and in a broader context, social responsibility, which basically means that we as a company should take responsibility for the human rights and environmental sustainability.

The goal of CSR for Swedish companies are to do good business for all involved by rules that ensure that all manufacturing is done in ways that are acceptable and this we consider in our business at Fiskano.


repaAs a connected company to REPA we at Fiskano B / V take responsibility for our packages and contribute to the fact that Sweden is one of the best recycling countries in the world. In Sweden there is since 1994 a producer responsibility for packages. It means that everybody who produce, import or sells a package is responsible for that the material will be recycled.


MSCFiskano MSC certification number is SGS-NL-MSC-C-0377th. This product comes from a fishery certified to the Marine Stewardship Council’s environmental requirements for a well-managed and sustainable fishery. (www.msc.org).

MSC is an independent, global, non-profit organization working to protect the world’s resources of seafood by promoting the best environmental choices and to ensure existing stock.


haccpWe have at Fiskano an approved HACCP plan, which means that the company review all risks in the production chain, to ensure protection to the consumer and that we constantly working to continue to minimize the risks. The HACCP plan also means that we follow the defined limits and existing laws and that we are constantly checking for compliance.


Fiskano B/V always comply existing laws and regulations, but they own regulations often extend beyond that. Business decisions are based on honest competition, integrity, product quality, price and customer service.

Fiskano values transparent communication with all parties involved in the company’s operations, whether they are employees, customers or end consumers. Information about the company are always available and we answer your questions as quickly as possible.