We at Fiskano have exported seafood delicacies from the Oceans to the Nordic market since 1992 and are today a distinctive Catering distributor.

Since a few years you can also find a small part of our seafood assortment in the Swedish grocery stores as consumer packages.

Fiskano delivers around 100 different seafood products twice a week to Wholesalers, Industrial clients and Grocery stores.

We only sell and deliver frozen products.

Our deliveries variate between full trucks to mixed pallets depending on your needs as a customer.

Fiskano’s assortment is always under development and our strength is a good quality for a competitive price,  delivered to you as a costumer.

We keep stock in Holland and Gothenburg for quick deliveries.

During constructive conversations with our customers there are always new ideas of how to maintain and grow an attractive assortment with good quality.

Fiskano is a part of Fish Con Urk BV

  • Holding Company founded in 1984
  • Invest in smaller seafood companies, aquaculture and in environmentally-friendly fisheries around the world.

Why small seafood companies?

  • Short decision tracks, tough and effective team building, human and social aspects, financially transparent.
  • Able to provide healthy seafood products through controllable producers and supply chains.